Saturday, November 20, 2010

Breath of Fresh... tuesdays

One idea for "take a moment Tuesdays" is to enjoy the bounty of the season! We took a moment to enjoy the apple.  Yes, apples are available all year, but there is a special union between the apple and Autumn.

So we celebrated that union in a variety of ways.


I even topped it off with a "Pomme de Terre" (Apple of the earth), or a Potato...


Overboard? Sure.  Tasty? Absolutely!

Why Tuesday?
Tuesday is really the day of the week that is not branded. Sunday: last day of the weekend or Holy day, Monday: beginning of the week, Wednesday: mid-week, Thursday: end of the week for some and weekend eve for others, Friday: T.G.I.F. Saturday: THE weekend. That leaves Tuesdays... hmmm. That LEAVES Tuesdays!!!! What could Tuesday be? Oh the possibilities! Tuesday could become the "try a new coffee flavor" day, "comfy shoe" day, "no negative thoughts" day, "warm smile" day, or even "gaze at the stars" day. With so many options there really is no reason to settle on one! Let's just call Tuesdays "take a moment" day.

So, get inspired and take a moment today. After all, it's Tuesday!

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  1. Take a moment, I like that, thanks for sharing.